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Meet the Team


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Marisa Johnson
EVP Of Operations

-Competitive Cheerleader 8 years including: Level 5 Senior All-Girl, Level 5 Co-ed, Level 6 Co-ed teams with special attention to all-girl stunting, and partner stunting.
- “Best Flyer Award” 4 years given from her competitive level 5 team. 3 years of Jazz Dance experience.
-2 Years of Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern Dance, and tap experience. 
-Competed 2 times Worlds in Orlando, FL. 
-Placed Bronze in 2008 for her team at Worlds in Orlando, FL. 
-Cheered for Boulder Creek’s High school team for 2 years. 
-10 years coaching experience for competition teams and tumbling. 
-10 years of choreography experience for competitive cheerleading. 
-Coached two teams who earned Wild Card bids for the gym to attend D2 Summit in 2019
-Coached two teams who earned At-Large Bids for the gym to attend D2 Summit in 2020
-Coached one team who earned a National Championship title at Encore’s Competition. 
-General Manager for a Personal Training Studio for 11 years
-President of Arizona Royals for 8 years

-USASF Certified Levels 1-5 in both Tumbling and Cheer
-CPR Certified
-Safety Certified from USASF
-Bachelor Degree in Business from NAU 
-Associates Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition
-Cosmetology License
-Certified Personal Trainer with IFPA
-Green Light Back Ground check


Joseph McGibboney

All-Star Director


WE ARE….So excited to announce Joseph McGibboney as the new All- Star Director for AZ Royal. Joseph is committed to a safe,POSITIVE, productive, competitive, AND fun training environment for all athletes.


Joseph is very excited to attack the 2021-2022 season with the AZ Royal staff,athletes, families, and the local community. 


Joseph has over 20 years of coaching experience, including five years coaching world teams. Originally from New Jersey, Joseph holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he cheered four years on the varsity cheer squad. From there Joseph pursued his Masters degree in education from the University of South Florida. While in Tampa, Joseph took his first coaching job at Florida Wildcats All-Stars.


After receiving his masters degree, he spent the next 10 years working at Colleges and Universities in different states including Illinois, Florida, and Texas all while coaching All- Stars. In May 2016, Joseph returned back to Florida where  he began to teach special education. Shortly after returning to Florida Joseph became the Gym Director for Midwest Cheer Elite Florida.


Joseph is highly involved with the United States All Star Federation and is currently serving as a USASF The Connection Leader. He also serves on the USASF DEIS Committee and prides himself in developing strong leaders in today’s society. When not coaching Joseph enjoys working out, playing with his dog Charlie, and Reading.


When asked about becoming a part of the Royal family, Coach Joseph said, " I can’t wait to begin working with the Royal family. To have the opportunity to share my love of All-Stars with athletes is a great honor! A new state, a new facility, and new talent to work! I’m ready for this next chapter of my career”! 


Coach Sarah

Assistant All-Star Director

​Sarah came to Arizona Royals as an assistant coach in 2017 and has been growing with our program ever since! Sarah has enjoyed the last few seasons as a head coach and looks forward to her role as an assistant director of the all-star cheer background. With a bachelor's degree in child development, Sarah enjoys working with and coaching athletes of all ages. Sarah credits many of her life experiences and lessons to her former cheer coaches, and having the opportunity to impact other kids in the same way is truly a dream come true. ​



  • Bachelors of Science in Family and Human development from Arizona State University

  • CPR and First aid certified

  • Professional certification as a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) 

  • USASF certified: Building & Tumbling levels 1-3

  • Green Light for Back ground check

  • SafeSport trained


thumbnail_Dian Nissen-Ramirez.png

Dian Nissen
Trampoline and Tumbling Director

Dian Nissen has been involved with sports and fitness since her youth, where she trained daily in her father's gymnasium eventually becoming a multiple world-title athlete and competitor.


She is an AAU All-American, and was once concurrently the U.S. Women’s Trampoline champion in all three trampoline events: Individual Trampoline, Synchronized Trampoline, and Double Mini-Trampoline. In 2015, she founded Nissen Trampoline Academy, LLC in San Diego, California, USA.

Dian made the transition to fitness and health professional after graduating from the University of Iowa. She holds a Master of Science degree in Health Education and Exercise Science and has been teaching fitness and health for over 30 years. In 1994, Dian founded her company, Ageless Fitness, to promote health and wellness for people of all ages and abilities. 


Dian was the founder, owner, and coach of the Nissen Trampoline Academy in San Diego, CA for many years.

Dian’s father was George Nissen, the inventor of the modern-day trampoline. Dian helped her father promote his invention of the trampoline and the sport of trampolining by performing hundreds of shows in the United States and around the world and competing in national and international trampoline events.


For decades, Dian witnessed the progression of the trampoline, double mini-trampoline, and tumbling including the evolution of equipment, rules, form and style, politics and most everything associated with a growing sport. She was thrilled to be able to attend the 2000 Olympics with her father in order to observe the debut of Trampoline Gymnastics as an official Olympic sport.


Dian is currently co-chair of the Trampoline and Tumbling committee for the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs, whose primary purpose is to support adult club gymnastics in the United States. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the World Acrobatics Society. Dian is a certified Pilates personal trainer and Flexibility Coach. She is also an ACE-Gold Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Health Coach.


In November 2021, Dian relocated to Arizona. She lives in Cave Creek with her husband Rick and their four dogs.

Dian’s notable competitions & achievements include:

- World Trampoline Championships, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, 1976

4th place, Women’s Individual Trampoline


- National Trampoline Champion, USTA National Trampoline Championships, 1977

1st place Women’s Individual Trampoline

1st place Women’s Double Mini-Tramp

1st place Women’s Synchronized Trampoline


- World Champion, Second World Age Group Championships, San Mateo, California, USA 1974:

1st place, Individual Trampoline, 13-14 girls

1st place, Double Mini-Trampoline, 13-14 girls


- World Champion, Third World Age Group Championships, Toronto, Canada, 1975:

1st place, Women’s Individual Trampoline, 13-14 girls

1st place, Double Mini-Trampoline, 13-14 girls

1st place, Synchronized Trampoline, 18 and under


- World Champion, Fourth World Age Group Championships, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, 1976

1st place, Double Mini-Trampoline, 15-18 girls

3rd place, Women’s Individual Trampoline, 15-18 girls


- World Champion, Fifth World Age Group Championships, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 1978

1st place, Synchronized Trampoline, 15-17 girls

2nd place, Women’s Individual Trampoline, 15-17 girls

1st place, Spaceball Individual Trampoline Champion, 1st place, 15-17 girls


- First World Age Group Championships, London, England 1972:

2nd place, Individual Trampoline, 11-12 girls

2nd place, Synchronized Trampoline, Junior girls

4th place, Double Mini-Trampoline, 11-12 girls


- Japanese National Trampoline Champion, Osaka, Japan, 1977

1st place, Women’s Individual Trampoline


- Champion, Mid-West Open Championships, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1975

1st place, Women’s Individual Trampoline


- Champion, Nissen Eterna Cup, 1975, 1974, 1972


USA vs USSR; toured the USA as a member of Team USA and competed against Team USSR in head-to-head trampoline competitions.


AAU All-America


Brenna Brown

T & T Coach and Tumbling Instructor

Brenna Joins AzRoyals with 11 experience in coaching tumbling and gymnastics. She also competed in artistic gymnastics for 5 years. as well as in Trampoline and Tumbling for 5 years.Brenna also played softball and basketball in high school. I also hold a degree in Exercise Science.

​For Fun and Hobbies: Anything outdoors!I love shopping and a few of my favorite vices are Dutch Brothers and Chick-fil-a.I am also a baseball fan especially the LA Dodgers.

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